'Stomp' performers help Gallaudet dancers prep for spring show

(WJLA) - Teachers and students came away with a changed perspective as 'Stomp' performers visited Gallaudet Dance Company to help them prepare for their big spring performance.

Cammie Griffin is one of the ‘Stomp’ performers.

“Knowing that we were going to actually get to work with students was a little challenging in my head,” she says. “Because I was thinking, ‘how do we actually communicate with them if we don’t know how to sign?’”

But music doesn’t only touch the ears.

“People who can hear are depending on the noise, but for me, I’m depending on the feeling,” says Gallaudet student Tanisha Russell.

“Anybody can enjoy music and movement,” adds Gallaudet dance assistant Kriston Pumphrey. "We needed something different that forces us to get outside of our own comfort zone."

Cammie Griffin taught some students one of the main grooves that they do in the show.

“So overwhelming to see that they were so accepting of what we were doing,” she says. "It’s not signing, it’s not Spanish, or an actual language that you have to learn; I think music is more of a feeling that you have -- just like your heartbeat, you live with that your whole life. That’s your personal song.”

When people are stomping with their feet, you can actually feel it coming through the floor,” says Tanisha.

The Gallaudet Dance Company performance is on April 4 and April 5. As for ‘Stomp,’ you can watch them until February 9 at the National Theatre.

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