"Scandal", behind the scenes with Fitz and Olivia

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Viewers can’t get enough of the fiery chemistry between President Fitzgerald Grant and his girlfriend, Olivia Pope.

Not only are viewers captivated, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn say fans are rooting for this romance. In fact, Goldwyn struggled when the script called for Fitz to break things off.

“I didn't know why Fitz was saying that,” said Goldwyn. “And I saw it on the page and I literally couldn't get the words out of my mouth it was so upsetting to read and I grabbed Kerry and we were so freaked out.”

Off-screen, they're close as well, recounting contentious scenes written by the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes.

“I remember one time at a table read she said it's going to be okay and I screamed I don't believe you like a 10-year-old,” said Washington. “I was so upset.”

The storyline is complicated. President Grant is married with small children. Nonetheless, Bellamy Young who plays the feisty first lady, says viewers aren't shy about voicing their disdain for her character.

“When people come up to you wherever in the airport or to your mom to say they love to hate you, I mean it's unbelievable this ride,” explained Bellamy.

Also unbelievable, the nearly immediate success of this ground breaking show. In less than two seasons, viewers have been left to re-think what they once saw as black and white or right and wrong.

Next Thursday, ABC7 takes a look at the huge role Twitter has played in the success of the show and just how far some fans go to get the latest “Scandal” scoop.

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