Richmond Times-Dispatch doesn't endorse Terry McAuliffe or Ken Cuccinelli

(WJLA) - The newspaper that serves the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia couldn't had trouble figuring out who to throw its support behind for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

So, they did the simple thing. They endorsed no one.

In an editorial that sent shockwaves through the political establishment in both Virginia and across the country, the Richmond Times-Dispatch declined to endorse any candidate for governor.

"The major-party candidates have earned the citizenry's derision," the paper's editorial board wrote Sunday. "The third-party alternative has run a more exemplary race yet does not qualify as a suitable option.

"We cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate for governor."

The Times-Dispatch accuses Cuccinelli, the commonwealth's attorney general and the GOP nominee, of rigging the nomination process in his favor, while on the other side, they say that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe "stumbles" on topics such as the economy, energy and education.

Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate who has drawn reasonably strong poll numbers for a third party candidate, lacks the experience that being the governor of Virginia demands, the editorial board says.

Two other major newspapers that serve Virginia, the Washington Post and the Virginian-Pilot, both endorsed McAuliffe. Voters head to the polls on Nov. 5.

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