D.C. mayoral race: Catania says gap closing with Bowser who offers 'more of the same'

David Catania. (AP photo)

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) – How to describe D.C. mayoral candidate David Catania’s countenance Thursday during his appearance on NewsChannel 8’s NewsTalk?


Hardly. Cantania (I) trails chief rival Muriel Bowswer (D) in the polls, and he acknowledges as much with a figurative shrug.

Happy-face, whistling-in-the-dark confident?

Well, sure, but that’s the way the game is played, so that’s merely a routine check mark on the to-do list.

No, Catania came across as more of a steady and steely eyed hybrid of the aforementioned descriptions.

Namely, that he knows something you don’t know.

Cool Hand Luke, meet Cool Hand Catania.

He pointed out matter-of-factly that his team’s internal polling has his deficit at but a scant three points.

He pointed to the worth of his well-chronicled meet-and-greet intimate gatherings.

He alluded to the merits of 17 years’ worth of name recognition.

But perhaps most deliciously of all, he knowingly and proudly grinned when asked by host Bruce DePuyt about the mailers sent out earlier this week that likened Bowser to the hit ABC show “Scandal.”

“I stand by every aspect of that mailer,” Catania said.

And the fact that the day before on NewsTalk, Bowser said the mailer was a sign of desperation?

“She can characterize it the way she likes,” he said through a tight, dismissive smile. “. . . She’s more of the same, and voters are coming to that conclusion.”

(Editor's note: Friday on NewsTalk at 10 a.m. on NewsChannel 8: D.C. mayoral candidate Carol Schwartz.)

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