Dual Generation: School in Northwest D.C. teaches both students and parents

Dual Generation is a new program that teaches both students and parents. (ABC7)

A charter school in Northwest is working to meet the needs of the community by educating not only children, but their parents.

Many of the preschoolers at Briya Public Charter School live in homes where Spanish is the primary language. Deisy Aleman is from El Salvador and enrolled her 2-year-old son Jayson at Briya. What's different is that she attends classes here too. Deisy told ABC7, "I learned how to help my children. Before, I knew nothing, but now, I know a lot."

Parents are expanding their education through English, computer, parent development, and early childhood development classes. Briya has also added a high school diploma and medical assistant certification program.

The education model is known as Dual Generation and serves infants to 5-year-old children, as well as adults. Lisa Luceno is Director of Early Childhood Education at Briya. She explained, "It's really this partnership, this high level of family engagement that we believe is our recipe for success."

Classes are offered at no charge.

Briya gets its funding from multiple sources including the D.C. Public School System. Beyond education, parents have access to healthcare and social services through a partnership with Mary's Center located in the same building.

Both of Yicel Romero's sons attended Briya. "They teach how to be a better parent, how to help your children at home and school. I think that engages your family to reach success in this country," she said.

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