Push for security cameras at theft-ridden Woodbridge commuter lot

Push for security cameras at theft-ridden Woodbridge commuter lot (ABC7)

Brandon Woodson gets to the Horner Commuter Lot off I-95 in Woodbridge early every morning so he can park along the front curb.

"I figured if somebody's going to take something off my car, or try to steal it, it'll be in the open where everyone can see it," said Woodson.

He's got every right to be worried. Over and over thieves have struck that lot.

They steal tires, leave cars propped up on blocks, smash out windows, and rip out custom stereo and navigation systems.

And it happens repeatedly despite undercover police patrols and mobile surveillance cameras.

"It's pretty brazen somebody does this in the middle of the day... you never know when it might happen. It's just not safe," said commuter Melodie Feather.

First term Virginia State Senator Jeremy McPike tried to pass a bill using Food Truck Fees to pay for permanent surveillance cameras here. But the House stripped that funding from the bill, leaving him back at square one.

"It's all about funding...funding is tight across the board, and we've got to figure out ways," said McPike. "We're going to fight tooth and nail to make this happen."

Friday afternoon, he started an online petition asking Virginia's governor to fund the money. McPike is asking voters to sign it.

You can find a link to that petition here.

McPike is also meeting next Thursday with representatives from the State Police, Prince William County Police and VDOT to see what else might be done.

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