WATCH: 2 carjackers try to steal driver's Porsche in D.C. but forget to take car keys

Two carjackers stole a driver's car but forgot to take the car keys.  The incident happened on Feb. 4 in Southeast D.C.  Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018 (Metropolitan Police) 

Police are searching for two carjackers who attempted to steal a driver's Porsche but forgot to take the keys. Investigators say the incident took place on Feb. 4 in Southeast Washington.

A surveillance video released by investigators shows one of the carjackers brandishing a gun at the driver.

One carjacker appears to take something from the driver while the other acts as a lookout.

The robbers attempt to drive off in the car, but realize they don't have the keys, and flee the 4900 block of Astor Place, SE.

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