Waseem Daker calls witnesses in murder trial

A bizarre murder trial is unfolding in Georgia. Waseem Daker, a convicted stalker, is defending himself against charges that he murdered the roommate of his stalking victim. Daker called his first witness Tuesday.

Early Tuesday, prosecutors questioned the ex-husband of Karmen Smith, the flight attendant police say Daker strangled in 1995. Authorities believe Daker killed Karmen Smith in an act of revenge against her roommate, Loretta Blatz. Blatz helped send Daker to jail for stalking her.

On the stand, Smith’s ex-husband said that he and his ex-wife did have a fight the day she was killed but that he had nothing to do with the brutal attack.

Also on Tuesday, Daker’s first full day of presenting his defense, jurors heard from his witnesses for the first time. The owners of the paintball group where he and Blatz first met say it was Blatz who was obsessed with Daker. She was 30. He was 17.

Daker, who police say also stabbed Smith’s young son following the murder, maintains his innocence.

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