Police offering reward for info on suspect who robbed Md. McDonald's drive-thru

VIDEO: Police offering reward for information on suspect who robbed Md. McDonald's. (Howard County Police Department/Columbia McDonald's surveillance footage)

COLUMBIA, Md. (WJLA) - The Howard County Police Department is working to identify a woman who stole money and food from a Columbia McDonald's on Nov. 5.

Police say the woman tried to get into the McDonald's drive-thru window and -- with remarkable balance -- reached for a drink.

“Oh my gosh. She gets out and goes inside," said customer Shanika Cooper while looking at the surveillance video.

Cooper, who eats at the fast-food restaurant location often, marveled at what happened next.

“That’s crazy and that’s pretty bold of her," said Cooper.

In surveillance video provided by police, the suspect wiggles her way through the drive-thru window into the eatery, where her face is clearly seen.

Watch the video of the woman in action below:

This thirsty thief then, self-serve style, poured herself a beverage. She even put a lid on the cup.

Police say she stole a significant amount of cash, then tried to carry out a box of food.

When she dropped the box, a potential clue was revealed. In the video, it looks like there is a small tattoo on the suspect's lower back.

Thirty-seven minutes after starting her burglary spree, she fled but not before closing the drive-thru window.

Police are offering up to $500 for information leading to an arrest in this case.

If you have information on this woman's identity or whereabouts, contact police at 410-313-STOP or

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