Video captures teen girl fight near L'Enfant Plaza

(WJLA) - ABC 7 News has obtained this 15-second video that captures moments of terror for a 14-year-old D.C. girl.

The middle school student is beaten up by two other girls while others just stand and watch – a few even record it on their cell phones. The two girls hold the victim by her hair, punching and kicking her repeatedly.

What’s more – it all happened in public at 4:20 p.m. on Monday near the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station.

It is what you don’t see on the video that trouble so many who watch it: absolutely no adults came to the girl’s rescue.

According to the police report, the girls followed the victim off of the metro and began to aggressively taunt her. Sources explain that the two aggressors were on suspension from school.

Police say that when the victim tried to walk away from them, they pounced.

After she was attacked, she ran back to her school, which was several blocks away. There, officials called police.

Sources explain that other students came forward, upset after viewing the cell phone video of the attack on Instagram. Police identified the two teens, and arrested them.

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