Police: Man arrested after another man found dead inside Old Town Alexandria business

Police: Man arrested after another man found dead inside Old Town Alexandria business (Heather Graf/ABC7)

A 34-year-old man has been arrested after another man was found dead inside of a business in Old Town Alexandria on Friday, according to police.

Investigators have charged the man with murder and he's being held without bond in the Alexandria Detention Center.

As of Friday evening, police had not yet released the names of the suspect or the victim.

The victim’s body was found just before noon, inside a second-floor shop that’s home to a window installation company. It’s located near the intersection of King Street and Fayette Street.

The sight of police tape in Old Town came as a shock to both locals and visitors who walked past the crime scene on Friday. Part of King Street was closed for much of the day.

“That’s awful. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it down here,” one person said.

Alexandria Police have released very few details about the circumstances surrounding the killing, but a neighboring business owner told ABC7 News it started out as a struggle over a package that was delivered to his restaurant.

“My landlord called me and said something happened on the second floor,” said Yuk Shimomura, who owns the Japanese restaurant just below the shop where the victim’s body was found. “What I was informed was that someone tried to steal my package. And the landlord tried to go there, and something happened.”

Police have not yet confirmed that’s what took place.

But detectives were seen wrapping up what appears to be a package, and taking it into evidence early Friday evening.

“I ordered several items. I don’t know which was delivered, but nothing is valuable,” said Shimomura, when asked about what might have been inside the package. “Some detergent I used for my restaurant and printer paper, nothing valuable.”

Alexandria Police say they’ll release additional information regarding the victim once the victim’s family is notified.

That stretch of King Street re-opened to traffic at about 8 p.m. Friday.

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