State Dept. official charged in soliciting minor freed on bond

Dan Rosen shown in his arrest mugshot. (Photo: FCPD)

FAIRFAX, Va. (WJLA/AP) - A U.S. State Department official has been granted bond and will be free pending trial on charges he solicited a minor online.

A judge in Fairfax County District Court on Friday granted 44-year-old Daniel Rosen's release on $25,000 bond despite prosecutors' objection that he presents a flight risk.

Rosen's lawyer, Christopher Leibig, told the judge that Rosen should be granted bail because had no criminal record, has been in D.C. for 21 years and was "a state department employee who has hundreds of ties to the community."

Rosen was arrested earlier this week at his D.C. home following a series of online exchanges with a Fairfax County police detective.

Rosen was ordered to surrender his passports, avoid contact with minors and stay off the computer - even if he returns to work - while out on bond.

Rosen, who appeared at the arraignment through video conference from jail, threw his hands up when he heard the judge's order of no computer use. His attorney was in the courtroom along with Rosen's wife, who had no comment after hearing.

Fairfax police have said Rosen works as a counter-terrorism director at the State Department.

Leibig, said after the hearing he was "pleased the judge, under presumption of innocence, gave (Rosen) the benefit of the doubt. He deserves it."

Rosen's next court appearance was set for May 4.

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