Postal inspectors search for armed men robbing local post offices

The search is on for armed men robbing local post offices.

There have been numerous crimes against postal workers in the past year, but authorities are focusing on two armed robberies in Suitland and Southeast Washington that were terrifying for the workers.

Postal inspectors are upping the ante in these two cases. And they need help from the public.

Two men came into the Suitland Post Office at 4 a.m. last September 9 and robbed the postal workers at gunpoint.

WATCH the surveillance video of one of the robberies.

"It must have been terrifying for them," says Rebecca Uecker, a customer. "It's a situation that would have been horrifying."

Horrifying, too, for a lone worker at the Fort Davis Post Office just before she opened last July 21rst.

These are sketches of the two men who robbed her.

"One armed with a handgun approached her and put the gun to her head," says Lori McCallister, a postal inspector

Since then some of her customers have been looking out for her.

"We're really concerned about the safety of our postal worker," says Peggy Penn, a customer. "She's a very nice lady."

Postal inspectors say there have been more than a dozen robberies of post offices or postal workers in our region in the past year and a half.

And the robbers have become increasingly brazen.

Postal workers are watching their backs.

"Fortunately our workers have gotten angry and they've become more vigilant."

Now investigators hope the robbers are talking and somebody out there has been listening.

Postal inspectors say they've gotten some clues, but still need help.

They're offering up to a $40,000 reward in each case.

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