PHOTOS: Before and after 'faces of addiction' show effects of drugs on men, women

Side-by-side 2010 and 2014 photo taken of woman who reportedly had a 'possession of drugs ' charge. (Photo, info from

Side-by-side photos, courtesy of, of people arrested for various drug offenses show the potential effects of narcotics.

Click here to see the before and after photos.

"In an effort to refrain from producing images that might be stigmatizing to individuals struggling with addiction, conducted research to understand how these images are perceived by the public," A spokesperson for said. "The findings show that after seeing these images individuals were more likely to support greater access to addiction treatment and feel more compassion for those struggling with addiction."

A disclaimer on the site states the "individuals depicted in these photos were arrested for drug and/or drug-related offenses," and that the "deterioration and changes seen in these images are not necessarily the direct result of drugs or addiction".

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