Man charged with attempted murder after allegedly beating wife, threatening to kill son

Siamak Paydar (Montgomery County Police Department)

Siamak Paydar is behind bars Sunday after police say the 44-year-old tried to kill his family and himself last month in Montgomery County.

Paydar's neighbor, Luke Roetman, told ABC7 News he is familiar with Paydar’s marital issues.

“She came over here and she said her husband was trying to beat her trying to kill her,” Roetman said.

That was earlier this year. The incident that led to Paydar’s arrest happened in October when his wife brought up a problem within their marriage.

According to the court documents, Paydar beat his wife; he allegedly smashed her head against the front door, then dragged her into the garage where he duct-taped her and zip-tied her arms and legs together. He then threatened to kill her, their one-year-old son and himself if she called the police.

When Paydar went to get his gun, court documents say his wife escaped and went to a neighbor’s house for help. Just like she did with Roetman months prior.

“It’s a good thing we have good neighbors in the area,” Roetman said. “I’m sad to hear something like that happen.”

Paydar is facing attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping, assault first degree, false imprisonment and assault second-degree charges.

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