Langston Wayne Hunter charged with abduction, assault, tased while naked

A Gaithersburg man was arrested on sexual assault charges Thursday morning at a Holiday Inn in Manassas where he was tased while naked, police say.

Authorities say that Langston Wayne Hunter, 37, attacked a 26-year-old hotel maid while she was cleaning a room. When police arrived, Hunter approached police officers completely nude while ignoring commands from officers.

When Hunter resisted arrest, he was subdued with a Taser and pepper spray.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Hunter grabbed the victim in the hallway of the hotel and tried to pull her back into his room. Another hotel worker heard the struggle and came to the maid's aid.

The victim was uninjured in the incident. Hunter remains hospitalized with injuries unrelated to the officer's actions. He has been charged with abduction, assault and battery and resisting arrest.

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