Hundreds of postal service carts stolen in District Heights

    (WJLA) - It is postal service carts like this one that the thieves stole, according to police. Hundreds were taken from this postal facility in District Heights.

    Officials say they were stolen, and the postal service logos painted over before being taken to recycling centers in the area by two Anne Arundel County men: 52-year-old Aaron Howard and 57-year-old Roland Muir.

    Police say the two sold 380,000 pounds of the scrap aluminum and made almost a quarter million dollars in cash before they were caught.

    We talked with Frank Nitty as he was selling scrap metal to an Anne Arundel County recycling center. He says that like many people like him make a living doing this, and that these types of carts are used to collect and haul the scrap. It is easy to find and take them, but stealing them from the post office isn’t what any honest recycler would do.

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