Feuding Silver Spring neighbors create 'nightmare' neighborhood

Socrates Kondilis. (Photo: Brad Bell)

SILVER SPRING (WJLA) -- A nasty battle between neighbors on Springloch Rd. in Silver Spring has one man behind bars tonight. According to one side in the dispute photographs shows Socrates Kondilis knocking down his neighbor’s fence. Another shows him belligerently blocking that neighbor’s driveway and another one flashing his middle finger at that neighbor.

Neighbor George Buckland’s attorney Marc Emden says Kondilis has done worse.

“He has hurled stones at Mr. Buckland [and] he has threatened to shoot him,” he said.

Emden says it’s been a five year saga now coming to a head. The Buckland’s who are out of town and unavailable for comment sued Kondilis last fall for harassment and won. A judge ordered anger management classes but then Kondilis lied in court about taking them and was convicted of perjury. When a warrant was issued for his arrest the Montgomery County sheriff says Kondilis tried to avoid arrest.

Sheriff Darren Popkin adds, “Mr. Kondilis made that neighborhood just a nightmare.”

Tonight Kondilis sits in jail and his wife is claiming the law has it all wrong.

“This is ridiculous,” is Maria Kondilis’ reaction. She claims the fault lies with her neighbors. She says the Bucklands have trespassed on her property many times. But that George Buckland and his attorney have blown the dispute out of proportion.

“This is situation between neighbors and he need to stop bother us,” she said.

In court today a judge ordered Kondilis held behind bars until his September sentencing date on the perjury charge. He faces a possible two years in prison.

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