DC Soundstage shooting: Five shot at nightclub

Five people are recovering after they were shot inside a D.C. nightclub.

Police say the D.C. Soundstage was about to close for the night when the gunman got into a fight with another patron. He left, but returned moments later and started shooting.

Late Saturday, police slapped an emergency 96-hour closure notice on the door.

“That’s a shock to me,” says Chris Tate, who lives in the area. “I had no idea.”

Many in the neighborhood are just now learning about the gunman who entered the nightclub’s front door around 2:30 a.m. Saturday and fired into the crowd of patrons.

“I really think it was a tragedy that just happened,” says Patrick Hill. “I pray for the famlies of the people who were shot.”

Four men and one woman were wounded in the gunfire, but their injuries were considered non life-threatening. One man was shot in the eye.

“I never figured,” says Stan Britt, who also lives in the area. “It’s like a cool spot. Music, little shows and stuff.”

Customers and amateur performers say until now, the D.C. Soundstage was a safe place.

Along the 2400 block of Benning Road, where many businesses bar their windows, there’s now a sense of unease.

“My kids are not allowed outside after dark, so I didn’t know about this and that makes me even more nervous,” says Tate.

The club’s operators wouldn’t speak. People who live nearby are just trying to make sense of it all.

“I love the neighborhood, but no matter where you live in D.C., you’ve got to be careful. Got to be careful, be prayerful,” says Tate.

Police only have a vague description of the suspect, but surveillance may prove helpful. Meanwhile, the nightclub will stay closed for at least the next four days.

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