D.C. police: Crime wave continues with more robberies in Northwest today

In the serious crime wave that has gripped D.C., there were two more robberies today in Northwest.

D.C. police converged on R Street near Dupont circle on another robbery call just before 1 p.m. today.

One hour later, police got another 911 call for a snatch and grab robbery in Georgetown on Wisconsin avenue, right next to Everard's Clothing

The reports of robberies have spiked in the last two months and now stand at more than 660 robberies citywide.

Northwest alone saw a 250 percent increase, but police are throwing heightened resources at the ongoing problem.

Police have assigned 300 officers to attacking the increase in street crimes.

A number of different agencies like Metro Transit Police are making arrests.

And Metropolitan Police Department officers alone have arrested 155 people for robbery since the beginning of the year.

Sources tell ABC7 that more than half of those arrested were juveniles.

Residents say that suggests it's going to take more than police involvement to battle this rash on crime.

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