Maryland high school principal on leave after alleged brawl with student caught on video

A high school principal on leave after alleged brawl with a student at Charles Herbert Flowers High School is caught on video.

A student assaulted a teacher minutes earlier in a classroom at Charles Flowers High School in Springdale, Maryland. And while the teacher was calling for help, the student knocked the phone out of her hand, according to sources.

And then a brawl in the hallway ensued with the principal near the end of the school day Wednesday.

“I think it’s crazy, for him to be a principal, put his hands on nobody,” 11th grader Sayveon Morgan said.

Punches were thrown and a school resource officer broke up the fight. He used foam pepper spray to take down the student.

The person recording from up above the hallway doesn’t catch the beginning of the confrontation but adds text on the screen insinuating that the principal definitely threw the first punch.

“And the principal doesn’t do a good job and maintains his anger, something definitely needs to change at the school and it might need to start with the principal,” said Keidra Weaver, a parent.

The school system did not immediately condemn principal Gorman Brown’s alleged actions, and they have since placed him on paid administrative leave.

The student was eventually detained and arrested. He was charged as a juvenile. Additional school security camera video will be reviewed Thursday.

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