Akshay Rajshekar arrested in child sex sting

Rajshekar, a Maryland freshman, allegedly tried to meet a 12-year-old girl for sex. Photo:

On the 7th floor of the Hagerstown Hall dorm, Akshay Rajashekar seemed like any other freshman. Those who lived with him and knew him best had no clue trouble was brewing.

A roommate, Joe Masison, says Rajashekar seemed like a normal kid.

But the 18-year-old from Salisbury, Md., was arrested in D.C. Monday after an undercover cyber sting. Police say he was planning to meet a man and his 12-year-old daughter for an illicit rendezvous. The man was an undercover cop who'd posted an ad on craigslist.

It’s alleged Rajashekar sent the cop several obscene photos of children and responded to the ad by messaging: "Hey I'm a perv into taboo ... I have been trying to meet other pedos onlineits hard."

And then, "my ideal girl would probably be an 8 year old."

The new charges are only half the story. This is the second sex charge against the Maryland student. He was arrested last fall at his home in Salisbury for distributing child pornography in Wicomico County.

He was released on bond an allowed to return to school to await trial. His friends only learned of that charge weeks ago after a random online search of his name.

“I would consider him my good friend last semester but you know I mean,” says Saman Bahadorie. “I’m still kind of in shock. I guess we all are in shock.”

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