Opponent says Roy Moore 'must do more than just simply deny' sexual misconduct claims

Doug Jones holds rally in Prichard, reacts to Moore's allegations (WPMI)

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones held a jam-packed rally in Prichard, Alabama Friday, joined by Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., and he suggested his opponent has not offered a sufficient response to allegations of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl in 1979.

When asked about the accusation, Jones saidMoore needs to completely address the issue. Moore has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and claimed the media and "the Obama-Clinton machine" are out to get him.

"I think they're very serious allegations. I think he does need to do more than just simply deny them," Jones said.

He added that Moore needs to answer to the people of Alabama.

"They are serious allegations that need to be addressed specifically not just in a general denial and blaming somebody else," he said.

When asked if his campaign had anything to do with the timing of the allegations, Jones said no.

"Absolutely not, absolutely not that's just another and continuing pattern of absurd statements that Moore and his campaign have made," Jones said. "We had no knowledge of this what so ever."

Jones' supporters told WPMI they agree with his position.

"Whatever it is, it'll play out," Fletcher Rivers said. "This is politics. We're here for Doug and we're going to keep our focus on him."

People will head to the polls December 12th.

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