Walmart quit selling AR-15 in 2015

FILE- In this March 7, 2012 file photo, Illinois gun owners and supporters file out National Rifle Association applications while participating in an Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day convention before marching to the Illinois state Capitol in Springfield, Ill. U.S. companies are taking a closer look at investments, co-branding deals and other ties to the gun industry and its public face, the National Rifle Association, after the latest school massacre. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

Walmart Inc., the world's largest retailer, says it's not currently changing its policies related to gun purchases, but it says it already has a rigorous background check for buyers.

The company stopped selling AR-15 rifles and other semi-automatic weapons back in 2015 because of sluggish demand.

The AR-15 was used in the Parkland, Florida, massacre that killed 17 people earlier this month.

Walmart also does not sell bump stocks, the accessory that's attached to a semi-automatic gun, which makes it easier to fire rounds faster. It also does not sell large capacity magazines.

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