Rick Perry says Maryland is a bad place for business

Rick Perry says in his ads that Maryland is place where taxes oppress business owners. Photo: Associated Press

LANDOVER, Md. (WJLA) -- An old axiom dictates that one should not ever mess with Texas. For the governor of the Lone Star State, messing with other states has recently become his M.O.

Republican Governor of Texas Rick Perry has started to advertise in five other states -- including Missouri and New York. Now, he has launched a radio raid on Maryland businesses, casting the state as a place where taxes overwhelm businesses large and small.

"When you grow tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think Texas," he touts. "Unfortunately, your governor has made Maryland the tax and fee state, where businesses pay some of the highest taxes in America. That's a job killer."

Though it's an aggressive ad, to some Maryland business owners, it rings true.

"I as a business owner don't feel comfortable doing business in Prince George's County nor the state of Maryland, says Mickey Oudit, the president of Cosmos Air Purification in Landover.

Oudit employs 30 people to manufacture specialized commercial and industrial air filters, and while he says he won’t be leaving for Texas, he has grown frustrated with the business climate here:

"The taxes are just climbing higher higher, making it more difficult for us."

Maryland Governor O'Malley is unimpressed with Governor Perry's attack, and says "We're doing just fine." His statement cites several positive statistics and invites Governor Perry to visit Maryland to see for himself.

O’Malley may have to take Perry just up the street from Oudit’s filter factory where Lawrence Hillian says his family construction business would never leave.

"We're happy here where we are in Maryland -- the taxes here are okay," says Hillian.

But when Oudit listens to that ad, he says it’s hard to dismiss:

"He's even passed a rain tax on some property owners, mmm-hmm! Texas is out of the question, but we are looking at Florida."




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