Plumbers busy on Black Friday

(WJLA) - This truck is not heading to the mall, but another popular destination on Black Friday: homes full of clogged pipes.

"Busy busy...a lot of drain stoppages," says plumber Matt Grove with Michael & Son.

These plumbers have been traversing the metro area, answering call after call. A clogged sink on the day after Thanksgiving is none too appetizing; nevertheless, it is a familiar sight on Black Friday in many houses.

And it’s not just the sink – it’s other pipes that also tend to get clogged.

"Yeah, toilets...there are sewer issues when you get a lot of extra people in the house," explains Grove.

They go to all kinds of homes – but most have the same issues.

"As I was cleaning up the dishes after we had eaten, the disposal got stopped up. I figured it was the potato peels," says homeowner Nancy Oakley.

Since these plumbers know the day after Thanksgiving is going to be one of their most challenging all year long, some do try to prepare for the onslaught of sludge.

"I know I am going to be working late, so just you know, go to bed kind of early and the next day comes and you gotta keep working 'til you're done," says Grove.

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