Pepco called 'most hated company in America' by Business Insider

Pepco has reached a new level of notoriety. The company has been ranked as the “most hated company in America” by Business Insider.

Pepco beat out some giants of America business, including Delta (#2), Time Warner Cable (#3), Comcast (#4), MySpace (#9), Facebook (#10), AT&T Mobility (#14), Cox Communications (#17), and Bank of America (#19).

Pepco’s initial reaction was testy. “The ‘BusinessInsider’ may be relying on various statistical models to generate their scores, with the possible intent to drive readership,” a Pepco statement said. “We at Pepco know we have work to do; and we're doing it everyday. For us to be distracted by this kind of sensationalism would be counterproductive.”

But in a later statement, Pepco said: “While we certainly believe that this label is over the top, we have heard our customers loud and clear and are working hard to upgrade our system.”

The company went on to detail a list of efforts and upgrades to improve service, including tree trimming, underground power cables, installation of advanced switches, and bringing in extra outside crews to respond to severe storms.

“The average Pepco customer experienced 70 percent more outages than customers of other big city utilities that took part in one 2009 survey, and the lights stayed out more than twice as long,” according to Business Insider.

"You gotta be pretty bad to get that kind of a ranking," said local resident Kevin Larkin.


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