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Thank you for visiting the new We're delighted to have you back.

In case you missed the headlines, was lying low for nine months or so. In August of last year, this site became a subsection of local news portal As time went on, though, we determined that ABC7's TV audience and newshounds across the Washington region needed a discrete, free-standing

So here we are.

Though it may have the same name, this is not your grandfather's Our new, relaunched version marks a quantum upgrade over the jalopy that went out of production on the morning of Aug. 9, 2010. A quick inventory of the improvements:

  • now has a carefully designed homepage that makes browsing for compelling news stories painless and intuitive. Colored category markers let you know what topic you're reading about. Click on them, and a page of stories in that topic area—Business, Sports, Health, for example—will pop up on your browser.
  • continues to offer the most up-to-date and easy-to-find information on weather. The day's forecast takes up permanent residence on the upper right corner of the homepage. A blue-shaded box above the fold takes you to a deeper look at the outlook. And you won’t miss the big, bold preview of the ABC7 Stormwatch Live Super Doppler Radar.
  • now has an area on the homepage updating you on the various stories that ABC7's reporters are working on at any given moment as they prepare for the newscasts. "Stories in Progress" serves as a quick read on news and events in the region that are unfolding minute by minute.
  • is your source for email alerts and updates on news and weather in and around Washington. Just log in and click where it says "Welcome, [your username]" across the top of the site to adjust your email notification settings for any of the following: breaking news, daily weather forecasts, extreme weather alerts, the TBD ArtsBook arts-and-culture newsletter, or the soon-to-be-launched regional news roundup. We keep you in the know without slowing you down.

But enough about web functionality, modules, and the like. What really sets apart is our people. Leon Harris, Maureen Bunyan, Gordon Peterson, Alison Starling, Cynné Simpson, Doug Hill, Bob Ryan, Tim Brant, and ABC7's first-on-the-scene reporters work around the clock to bring you the news wherever and whenever you need it. Nothing excites us more than a good story, no matter when it happens. You'll find that excitement on this site, 24-7.

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