Be the best koala you can be, thanks to Instagram

Instagram Stories now adds "face filters" to enhance storytelling on the social media platform. (Instagram)

Instagram’s quest to take on Snapchat continues with news today that the company is adding in face filters – to “turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining.”

You’re probably familiar with Snapchat’s face filters, most notably its dog filter, or the once-popular "vomiting rainbows" filter.

Instagram's filters have a similar fun vibe but are not exactly the same. For example, these animal-themed filters involving a koala and bunny. While not illustrated below, when you open and close your eyes widely, the koala ears react.

In this one (possibly inspired by the "confused math lady" meme), it makes the author's lack of mathematical knowledge less obvious.

What is markedly different from Snapchat is the ability to insert a hashtag. This allows the Instagram Stories post to be part of a larger conversation on the platform, where hashtags thrive.

Could this be the final challenge to Snapchat? Not likely, considering Snapchat users are different from Instagram users. Those who love Snapchat will keep using it and its community, while Instagram keeps existing users engaged and charms new folks to use the robust platform.

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