Best paying blue-collar jobs in America include elevator technicians

    Elevator repairers are among the best paid blue-collar workers in America. (Photo: Flickr/frankfarm)

    The elevators that whisk us from floor to floor of buildings are something most of us take for granted; that is, until they break down and you have to take the stairs or, worse yet, get stuck inside one.

    It's at that time that you can't wait for an elevator repairman to show up, and according to Forbes magazine, they're among the best paid blue-collar workers in the United States.

    According to a Forbes study, elevator installers and repairers earn an average salary of just over $73,500 per year.{}At least 10 percent of them make more than $103,000.

    Beyond elevator technicians, the top{}five most well paid blue-collar jobs in the survey include electrical repairers, transportation inspectors, petroleum pump system operators and power-line installers.

    In fact, Forbes says that the District of Columbia is home to the most well-compensated transportation inspectors in the country.

    Subway operators, aircraft mechanics and electricians also make their way into the list's top 20.

    You can check out the full survey at

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