Opinion: Trump's travel ban is a detailed policy designed to keep all Americans safe

FILE - In this Jan. 28, 2017, file photo a protester holds a sign at San Francisco International Airport during a demonstration to denounce President Donald Trump's executive order that bars citizens of seven predominantly Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. The Trump administration announced new restrictions after spending months hashing out the details determined to avoid a repeat of the chaos of Trump’s first travel ban. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Boris Epshteyn formerly served as a Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign and served in the White House as Special Assistant to The President and Assistant Communications Director for Surrogate Operations.

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - Remember all of the hand-wringing over the Trump administration’s travel ban? Well, the ban was allowed to stand, was put into action and has expired. Contrary to what some predicted, the sun still continues to rise every morning

The ban was a 90-day pause on travel from six countries.

It was put in place in order to allow the administration the time it deemed necessary to develop proper vetting procedures so our government could know who is coming into our country.

After evaluating nearly 200 countries, the administration found eight that were unable to meet the new vetting procedures.

Standards as to Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia were either modified, maintained or eased.

Added to the list - North Korea, Chad and Venezuela

Sudan - which was included in the expired ban - has been removed.

The key to understand: the new policy is not a blanket ban and it is not indefinite.

The policy is detailed and very much nation specific. For instance, students from Venezuela and Iran can gain entry to the U.S. with additional screening.

It also allows all nations the opportunity to comply with the new U.S. guidelines and have all restrictions lifted.

Here’s the bottom line: we trust our government to protect us. While many took time to complain and protest this administration doing exactly that, President Trump and his team went to work. That work has resulted in a nuanced approach to restricting travel to the U.S. which is directed only at those who threaten our safety.

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