Interview: Sen. Bill Cassidy gives his thoughts on abolishing ICE

(Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Abolishing ICE is a terrible and dangerous idea. Here’s what Sen. Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana, had to say:

SEN. CASSIDY: So this is some crazy policy being promoted by the Democratic Party in Washington DC. Not Democrats in the state of Louisiana, they think it’s crazy too.

The idea that we are not going to try and stop people engaged in human trafficking and drug trafficking but rather we are going to abolish them?

To have open borders to allow people to flood across? Whether they’re terrorists, whether they are rapists whether or not they are just an average citizen none the less they should go through the legal means of coming to our country.

All of that should be part of ICE. The fact that the other side—Democrats—wish to abolish it shows you how far left their party has gone.

BORIS: The house just passed a resolution in support of ICE. One hundred and thirty-three Democrats voted "present." What would happen in the Senate do you think?

CASSIDY: I don’t think we’d be able to get a vote because it takes 60 votes – 60 Senators in the Senate - to bring something up for a vote. There’s only 51 Republicans, meaning we would need 9 Democrats.

Believe it or not there are not nine Democrats would not step forward and say, "we support ICE." Not nine Democrats would say we support the men and women who protect our borders from human trafficking, drug trafficking and protect those that are coming here from being exploited. That’s a shame.

Here's The Bottom Line: The men and women of ICE work day in and day out to make our country safe and secure. Abolishing ICE is all about abolishing our borders and our laws. That is about as un-American as it gets.

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