Working Women: Sue Hargreaves

You've likely seen a stately brick mansion near the Friendship Heights area of D.C. But you probably never knew the special mission of the employees inside.

Caring for low income seniors has been a passion of Sue Hargreaves for 22 years, from the day of her interview at the Lisner Home.

“I was like, thank you god! Because I felt like I found my niche and my calling, and I had,” Hargreaves said.

The Lisner Home opened in 1941. Since then, its sole mission is to care for seniors who don't have the financial means to pay for such a facility. It’s a charitable home with all of the same activities of the 19 others in the District, including arts and crafts, outings, socials and shopping. Hargreaves knows all one hundred residents by name.

“As the administrator, the most important job I have is to be responsible for the human being and you have to know them to be responsible,” she says.

Hargreaves says her goal is to make the residents transition gentle and peaceful. She thinks of her own grandparents often. Her close childhood relationship with them helps her connect warmly with the seniors at the Lisner home.

“I feel it gave me a wonderful direction in life and I feel enriched, truly enriched as a human being,” Hargreaves says.

Hargreaves says she is constantly amazed at the history, knowledge, wisdom and humor she absorbs from the residents every day. She wants to give them dignity and a little fun in return.

Some fun, and the warm touch of a friend.

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