Working Women: Angela Torres pushes benefits of cloth diapers

Many moms out there will remember these cloth diapers - the diaper pins, the constant washing.

Then there's the cloth diapers of today. They are simple and fast. Even fashionable.

Angela Torres is trained to spread the word about modern cloth diapers from the Real Cloth Diaper Association, and she used them on all three of her children.

Torres is a Real Diaper Association "circle leader," so she holds workshops for women on how to use the cloth diapers. And she says there has been an increase of some 30 percent in cloth diaper use in the last several years.

“Someone said to me, you know if you put her in cloth diapers she'll train faster, and I said ‘done,’” Torres says.

Torres used to be a military police officer and then wanted to become a lawyer. But her husband's military career moved them all over the world. So instead, she dedicated herself to helping new mothers as a doula, or birth worker and cloth diapering expert.

Torres says she was shocked at the benefits of cloth diapers.

“Then I realized, this is so much easier than running out to the store and running out of diapers and wipes and things,” she says. “It's already in the house and it's less trash and it doesn't stink as much.”

And Torres maintains you can save hundreds of dollars and help the environment. She says there is no good answer to how long it takes a disposable diaper to disintegrate in a landfill.

“They're guessing somewhere between three and five hundred years that's a lot of poop and plastic to stay in a landfill,” she says.

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