Working Woman: Meet artist Holly Bass

It's tough to pin a title on Holly Bass. She’s a writer, director, a teaching artist and a producer of festivals.

Bass started writing poems at just six-years-old. She studied dance, theater and ultimately went to journalism school at Columbia. Now, though, she's all about art.

“I would say what really drives me is being able to connect to people, the human connection,” explained Bass. “That's what I'm really most passionate about.”

Whether she's singing, reading one of her pieces, performing at the Smithsonian African Art Museum, dancing at Dupont Circle or elsewhere around the world, Bass says she's always supported by the community of artists and writers back home in D.C.

Bass recently did a so called "endurance performance" at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, dancing for seven hours inside a glass box at the museum entrance, without breaks. She says her costume referenced images of black women in hip hop videos and popular culture.

And Bass says despite a tough economy, she never feels like a starving artist.

“Recession or no recession, it's really about building your networks and partnerships with people,” said Bass. “And then you find you have your own personal economy.”

Bass also teaches art to young people in schools, and dreams of one day choreographing, in her words, "a big public spectacle."

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