Working Woman: Bowen McCauley Dance celebrating 20 years at the Kennedy Center

Lucy Bowen McCauley is this week's Working Woman for all that's done and is doing with Bowen McCauley Dance in Arlington, Va. (ABC7).

In a couple of weeks, a local dance company will celebrate its 20th anniversary by performing at the Kennedy Center.

The company is called Bowen McCauley Dance and tonight's Working Woman is the founding artistic director.

Choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley is working with her dancers on a series of romantic and elegant duets ahead of a huge performance for her dance company.

They will be performing "20 Years with Love" at the Kennedy Center.

Bowen McCauley says she has been hooked on dance since childhood.

"the physicality with the music. I was always a tomboy, very athletic, you could not wear me out, but I found this fascination with the steps with the music," she said.

She received a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet in New York at age 18, and lived there for 10 years, but a car ran over her left ankle and she could no longer dance en pointe.

So she gravitated toward modern dance, and ultimately choreography.

"I seem to be a person who bounces back. I'm resilient so as soon as I was able to dance, that was ok. But it was a rough blow," she says.

She founded Bowen McCauley Dance in 1996 in Arlington, Va. She has since created more than 80 works, ranging from modern to rock to ballet, and more. What makes the company so special, she says, is its community outreach.

Her dancers work in schools, do impromptu dance performances in airports, malls and even grocery stores.

"We try to bring dance to the public with no ticket charge and just bring the joy of dance, professional dance, we don't dumb down," she says.

And then, the company offers "Dance for Parkinsons," giving patients free classes six days a week.

Bowen McCauley says they do warm ups and combinations, and use imagery and eventually move across the floor.

"We just trump the disease while they're there."

As Bowen McCauley prepares to celebrate 20 years, she says she will continue to follower her heart and the music.

"I knew the hard part of dance, and the hardships and I knew I wasn't going to be rich, but rich in experience and getting to follow my passion."

Bowen McCauley Dance will be performing at the Kennedy Center March 18 and 19.

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