Palisades Pediatrics: Dr. Christi Hay focuses on patients

In northwest D.C., 4-year-old Zara is having her checkup.

Dr. Christi Hay checks her vitals and measures her weight and height. It's a typical doctor’s appointment, except it's in Zara's family room as her mother looks on.

“When you go to the home for development the kids are relaxed, in a comfortable environment,” Hay says.

Earlier this year, Dr. Hay stepped out of a busy, office-based private practice and started Palisades Pediatrics doing house calls exclusively. She wanted to spend more time with her patients and their families.

“I kind of think of the practice as bringing small town medicine to the big city,” she says.

Hay says she has about 50 patients right now but will never have more than 300. A typical pediatrician can have as many as 3,000 patients. It's an old fashioned system that she says puts all of the responsibility on her.

“So it's me, seven days a week. Three hundred and sixty-five, I'm the receptionist, I'm the nurse, I'm the pediatrician, I'm the office manager,” she says. “It's all me, but I love it.”

Hay went to Stanford undergrad and UVA for medical school. She's married with two children of her own.

And she says with each of her patients, it's like she's part of the family.

“I was actually invited to an 8th grade graduation last week!” she says.

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