Lauren Salzberg, Potomac Lice Lady

Lauren Salzberg is known as the “Potomac Lice Lady” and she says her business is booming because there is an overabundance of lice. She says the increase is due to lice’s resistance to over-the-counter products.

For the last two years, Salzberg has used her own line of all natural, organic oils and shampoos. She also has a special lice comb to treat about 20 clients a week.

But Salzberg says there continues to be a stigma attached to lice, even though research shows lice prefer clean hair to dirty hair.

“People think ‘Ewww, gross! I’m going to stay away from that person’,” explained Salzberg. “And the parents feel their child is going to be shunned or ostracized.”

Salzberg’s first treatments were when all three of her children – now 16, 14, and 10 - got lice at the same time. Salzberg is also a preschool teacher. She says getting rid of lice for good starts with a promise that the family will follow up at home after her treatments. But she says each time a child leaves lice-free - everybody wins.

“They leave here with like a big sigh,” says Salzberg. “They always say gosh, you've made our day. You've taken a big weight off our shoulders.”

Salzberg's treatments cost $90 an hour and treatment-time is about two hours.

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