Washington Business Report: Oct. 12, 2014

Shelly MacDonald-Pinkett, chief medical officer of Howard Univ. Hospital in D.C. (WJLA)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - This week on Washington Business Report, with ABC7 national correspondent Rebecca Cooper:

CDC Praises Howard Univ. Hospital For Handling of Potential Ebola Scare

This week on Washington Business Report, host Rebecca Cooper talked to Howard University Hospital Chief Medical Officer Shelly MacDonald-Pinkett about the Ebola crisis.

CDC officials praised Howard University Hospital for its rapid response when a patient presenting Ebola-type symptoms checked into their emergency room last week.

MacDonald-Pinkett discusses the steps taken and the importance of having the right protocol already in place.

Plus - why she believes the best approach was to keep the public and the media informed - even before the hospital had all of the answers it needed.

Small Business Spotlight: Legal Advice

This week’s Small Business Spotlight focused on the topic of legal advice. Rebecca Geller, president and CEO of The Geller Law Group, offers her top guidelines that could save thousands of dollars in legal headaches.

Avoid Online Legal Websites and Tools: Many businesses rely on faulty legal documents found through online legal websites. In 2012, Consumer Reports released a scathing review of the online legal website industry and concluded that often lead to problems for business owners.

Permitting Matters: Entrepreneurs frequently start small businesses with limited budgets and try to cut corners in start-up costs which can be a very expensive mistake in the long-term. Starting off on the wrong foot without the proper permits and licenses can be very difficult (and costly) to correct in the long run.

Own Your Intellectual Property: Trademarking a business name is important to ensure your brand is protected. However, it is often skipped by entrepreneurs. Not having a trademark could result in a cease and desist letter and subsequent lawsuit from another company’s lawyers.

Short and Simple Can Be Dangerous: We frequently see small business owners requesting documents to be as "short and simple" as possible - but this is usually not in their best interest. Many times the customer contract with the company is insufficient and can cause legal problems.

The Roundtable: Twitter, Google and Wall Street

Twitter, Google, and Wall Street are no strangers to headlines. This week, all three found themselves the subject of emerging stories.

Watch how Ben Balter, government evangelist at GitHub; Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and director of Research at Consumer Electronics Association; and host Rebecca Cooper bring up the following points:


As a case involving privacy, Balter predicts Twitter will win its case against the federal government over the First Amendment

Twitter wants transparency for its users and sees the Justice Department’s restrictions on what can be said publicly about the government’s national security requests for user data as unconstitutional.


Europe’s “Right to be Forgotten” clause called for updates on Google’s online transparency report

Of the thousands of requests for removal of information they have received, 40% of them have been honored

It is important for Google to find a balance between what they should take down and what should remain as public informationWall Street

According to DuBravac, the stock market drops this week are not a rare occurrence in the normally volatile month of October

A possibility exists for a full market correction, he says


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