Providing a home for homeless vets in Southeast D.C.

The U.S. VETS Wayne Place Facility in Southeast Washington. (NewsChannel 8 photo)

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) – In two weeks, some homeless veterans in the District will get a new roof over their heads.

The U.S. VETS Wayne Place Facility in Southeast Washington was rehabbed on the inside.

On Thursday, more than 80 associates from Home Depot put on their aprons and got to work in a different way—volunteering.

Some of those volunteers, like Carlos Saniel, also served in the military.

"We are all here on our days off and we are really excited about helping these veterans get back on their feet," he said.

The newly renovated facility will help house 85 veterans. This is temporary housing that also provides veterans with counseling, healthcare guidance and job assistance. Each veteran goes through the program for about seven months.

"They come right off the streets, so this is an opportunity for them to go back to independence," said Clifton Lewis, U.S. VETS program director.

Team Depot spent the day sprucing up the outside of the building. It added grass to the outside, planted flowers and painted. All of the labor and supplies were donated to the United States Veterans Initiative.

"I served hand and hand with them, and coming back I know how strenuous is can be," said Raymond Langford, a veteran volunteer.

"Being a part of a project like this and a company that actually cares is really meaningful," said Marybeth Alumno, a veteran volunteer.

The U.S. VETS estimates that the region has nearly 1,500 homeless veterans, including 500 in D.C.

"We are so thankful to have the opportunity to change the lives of our nation's heroes," said Lewis.

The grand opening of the new center is expected to take place on Oct. 24 at 150 Wayne Place in Southeast Washington.

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