Memorial Day parades, memorials honor the fallen

As people enjoy the day off work and time outside with family, many stopped to remember what Memorial Day is all about - honoring our fallen servicemen and women.

President Barack Obama took part in the annual wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns while thousands of people visited the war memorials in D.C.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was first a U.S. Air Force pilot, participated in this year's National Memorial Day parade.

"They've long called the Korean War the forgotten war... Didn't last very long," Aldrin said.

In Rockville, red, white and blue balloons hovered over streets lined with patriotic Americans.

Simona Bolpi, a Rockville resident, said, "Nice day to be out. Nice day to celebrate and remember"

On the National Mall, veterans remembered painful memories. Korean War veteran Bert Lambert took a slow stroll with his wife through all the different memorials.

"What a perfect place to be... going to the Korean War next," Lambert said.

The day was a bit harder for 85-year-old Ed Chadwick who sat in the shade at the World War II memorial, remembering the friends he lost during that war and since.

Chadwick added, "Probably one of our last reunions... Lot of my buddies are gone"

Many visitors also had their minds on active duty military members. About 70 people an hour sign a giant Christmas card that will be shipped later this year to troops still abroad.

Veteran Dave Allen said, "It's a special day... Freedom isn't free, you walk around here you see it."

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