Woman turns on 'nanny cam' to see her dog, eerily gets image of mysterious sleeping girl

Sandie Kaplanis' dog, Amber, left, and an unknown sleeping girl she saw on her nanny cam. (ABC7 courtesy of Sandie Kaplanis)

WASHINGTON (ABC7) -- Home surveillance cameras -- or "Nanny Cams" -- are designed to keep an eye on a child, a pet, or your home while you're away.

An ABC7 viewer was shocked when she turned on her home surveillance camera expecting to see what her dog was up to. What she saw prompted her to call 7 ON YOUR SIDE.

Sandie Kaplanis says it was simply an effort to keep an eye on her 14- year- old Chocolate Labrador Amber.

"Yes she has kidney failure," Kaplanis said.

Her son bought a Vivitar Smart Camera for her for Christmas.

"I watch (Amber) to see if she's breathing, to see if she is okay," Kaplanis said.

The system worked perfectly.

The camera is set on Amber and wherever Kaplanis is, she can see the dog's movements on her phone, synced to the Vivitar.

All good until just a few weeks ago when she turned on the camera and saw the image of a little girl.

"I see this little girl and I say, 'What is this?'" Kaplanis told us.

"So I log out and I log back in and I see my dog. and I log back in and I see this little girl. And this happened for a period of over 24 hours." Kaplanis says.

Kaplanis has no idea who that girl is or where the picture came from. The photo was a still shot that never changed.

So what happened here? Vivitar did offer an apology and said it is investigating. In the meantime, the company sent her four new cameras.

"I want people to know if you buy this, and set it up for your little baby, somebody else could be watching," Kaplanis says.

SEVEN ON YOUR SIDE contacted Vivitar and a spokesperson told us the company is still working with Kaplanis to try to figure out what happened. So far the company has not seen anything out of the ordinary on its end. The spokesperson went on to say this is the first complaint like this it has every received.

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