Woman calls in 7 On Your Side after months of engagement ring woes

Woman calls in 7 On Your Side after months of engagement ring woes (Photo Courtesy of Denise Countiss)

For Denise Countiss, the day her husband proposed and the day they got married were the two happiest days of her life.

The crowning jewel of her relationship, so to speak, is her beautiful engagement ring and wedding bands.

Countiss has been married for five months and for four out of those five months, she has been without her rings.

What happened? It all started with a decision to go to the jeweler where her husband bought the rings and get the rings soldered together, according to Countiss.

"When I picked them up, I noticed one of the diamonds was missing," Countiss said.

Countiss went back to J.B. Robinson Jewelers, where the rings were originally purchased. They saw the missing diamond and determined a second in the cluster was chipped.

With the ring under warranty, Countiss decided to get the diamonds reset, assuming that she would get it back in a few days—but days turned into months.

"I couldn't understand why it took that long to replace two diamonds," Countiss said.

Without her ring for months, and no clear indication on when she would get it back, she called in 7 On Your Side for help.

"We take guest concerns very seriously and address each that is brought to our attention. In this instance, we are currently working with the guest to come to a satisfactory resolution," J.B. Robinson Jewelers told 7 On Your Side.

Two days later, the ring was ready to be picked up.

"If it wasn't for you all, I don't know how much longer they would have kept my rings," Countiss said.

A happy Countiss finally had her ring back, but the story doesn't end there...

"I can't get it over my knuckle... the saga continues, for God knows how long," Countiss said.

J.B. Robinson has agreed to resize the ring, but Countiss says there is another problem. The three rings are supposed to fit tightly together but she says the don't.

Countiss fears they will have to take the rings apart and start all over again and she doesn't know how long that will take.

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