7 On Your Side: Is Vaginal Rejuvenation worth it?

7 On Your Side: Is Vaginal Rejuvenation worth it? (Horace Holmes/ABC7)

Wendy Borojquez says she had a little secret.

“Every time I would do my jumping jacks and workout, I would have to go pee every 30 minutes,” Borojquez said.

She blames her problem on giving birth to two boys at nine and ten pounds.

Her boys are now teenagers, and as the years went by the problem grew worse.

Incontinence is a common problem, but she found what she claimed to be the solution. It is called "vaginal rejuvenation."

"The procedure works by low levels of heat using radio frequency,” D.C. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Drew Varano explained. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the most popular procedures he performs.

It helps with stress or urge incontinence and vaginal dryness, and for people with an inability to orgasm, it stimulates the nerves in the genitalia, and aesthetically too. Borojquez says for her it made a difference on the outside.

The procedure carries a 97 percent approval rating and women say they love it! The three sessions cost about $3,000 -- so is it worth it?

But Andrea Battiola, a sex therapist, has concerns.

"It concerns me that it reinforces the narrative that women's bodies should be changed by any means necessary.”

Battiola says if a woman wants to get a procedure like this to help a physical problem, sure go ahead, but if they are doing it just because, “vaginal rejuvenation promises better sex because you have a tighter vagina but that doesn't tend to be the problem when people have sexual issues. Look better or with the hopes of having a better sex life.”

Borojquez says she doesn't care much about that but is rather happy because she has found an answer to what was a big problem for her .

So is it worth it? Borojquez says, “ Yes, every penny of it!”

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