7 On Your Side: Clear through security technology at airports; Is it worth it?

Photo of Clear security technology kiosk at Reagan National Airport. Monday, Nov. 20, 2017. (ABC7 photo)

If you are planning on jetting off to grandma's house for the holidays be prepared for this.

Long lines snaking through security checkpoints. What if you could bump yourself right to the front of the line?

Anne bloom has found out how. She showed Seven On Your Side how it works, “you put your finger on it. They identify you. You don't have to worry about losing your ID and you're through. No lines, it's great, I love it,” Bloom says.

IT.. is Clear. A company that uses biometric identification.

The fingerprint reader captures four fingers, four from each hand and two thumbs and the iris scanner takes a scan of both irises simultaneously, says Clear chief administrative officer Dave Cohen.

Clear captures what's uniquely you. Your biometrics saves it in its system and when you come to check in at the airport your fingerprints or eyes get you through to the head of the security line.

But it's not a free service. It costs about $180 a year, so is it worth it?

Passenger Mike Taylor told Seven On Your Side, “oh no I don't think that is worth the price.”

The folks at clear disagree.

"I have three boys. Getting through the security process, waiting in line not knowing how long it will take. Having that assurance knowing this will be a frictionless process and consistent wherever I travel that's meaningful."

So far, clear is available in 24 United States airports including Dulles International Airport, Reagan National Airport, and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Membership is $15 a month. You can add a spouse for an additional $50 a year, and children under 18 are free.

Clear is also being rolled out at stadiums and arenas around the country. The big question is how is this different from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pre-check. Clear will tell you pre-check members can be randomly excluded at anytime, and it only works with a participating airline. Clear works with any airline.

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