Northern Virginia teen gets clean water to communities in need

AquaEffort provides clean drinking water to communities in need. (ABC7)

A local teenager is responding to a crisis that affects one in nine people.

Sixteen-year-old Haseeb Khan is getting clean water to people who desperately need it. Khan told ABC7 News, "There's a big problem with pollution in smaller villages in Pakistan. Usually, stuff like hair, sand, all this stuff that you wouldn't want to drink would get mixed into the system."

The J.E.B. Stuart High School student turned his concerns into action by creating a non-profit organization. AquaEffort provides clean drinking water. "After we give them water we teach them how to preserve their water, how to use their water wisely and where to store it," Khan said.

It's a problem affecting millions of people around the world. It's estimated that more than 840 million people lack basic water service.

With a $1,000 donation from his dad, Khan led a project that created a well for a village of more than 200 people in rural Pakistan. Math teacher Haile Russom describes his former student as someone who knows how to get things done. "A lot of students will come to you and say, 'I have an idea, what do you think about it?' He's the type of kid, he'll come to me and will say, 'Hey, I have an idea. I already did it. Here's my outcome.'"

The 11th grader also donated 200 gallons of water to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. His hope now is to build more wells but he says he'll need public support to do it.

You can learn more about AquaEffort here:

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