Montgomery Co. school teacher encourages students to 'eat' their homework

Montgomery Co. school teacher encourages students to 'eat' their homework (ABC7)

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) -- A teacher at a Montgomery County High School is merging her two passions to increase understanding of subjects like math and reading.

ABC7 went to Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville where we found Ann McCallum teaching a history and cooking lesson at the same time.

"When the founders were writing the Declaration of Independence the first ice cream shop was opening in New York City, so there's that huge tie in," she explained.

The former math teacher was looking for that kind of tie in when she wrote the first book in her "Eat Your Homework" series.

McCallum recalled, "A lot of my kids needed motivation to love math. I wanted to do something that would spark their interest."

Cooking was the answer.

McCallum has authored three cookbooks: "Eat Your Math Homework," "Eat Your Science Homework" and her latest publication, "Eat Your U.S. History Homework."

The teacher and author says there's a universal link between cooking and history and emphasizes that with recipes for dishes like Cherry Berry Grunt and Honey Jumble Cookies.

Our camera rolled as her English for Speakers of Other Languages students made Independence Ice Cream.

Santiago Zegarra is from Bolivia.

"My grandma used to make ice cream but in a different way. I never tried it this way," he shared.

Gianella Ruiz calls Peru home.

"For me history is pretty hard since it's not like my first country itself. It's like a new country for me so learning stuff is very hard and this is making it so easy by cooking," she said.

After a bit of mixing and shaking, the history project was ready for consumption.

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