Innovative principal helping transform Woodbridge’s Fred M. Lynn Middle School

Hamish Brewer, a 41-year-old New Zealand native, is determined to turn things around at Fred M. Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge, Virginia. (ABC7)

At Fred Lynn Middle School, a transformation is underway.

“It’s more, like, upbeat. It’s more of an environment that you want to learn in.”

That hasn’t always been the case for a school known as one of the most challenged in Prince William County.

Forty-one percent of the students at the school are English language learners and 82 percent are economically disadvantaged. Test scores also have been so low, this school has lost its accreditation.

But Hamish Brewer is determined to turn things around.

The 41-year-old New Zealand native is supportive and innovative, whether on a skateboard or pushing his mobile desk down the hall, his style is relational.

Brewer says grades are up and behavior problems are down.

Watch the video above for more details.

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