Herndon Elementary School students celebrate 'Food Day'

Herndon Elementary School students celebrate 'Food Day' (ABC7)

From mixing apples into a kiddie pool of salad to moving to the beats of a heart-pumping song, at Herndon Elementary the focus was on fitness and food.

"The importance of making healthy choices, the importance about moving, and that so much of this is very accessible, and inexpensive, that you can really do it on a budget," expressed Mary Porter, director of programs for Real Food for Kids.

Celebrity Chef David Guas, health professionals, and community leaders came to the sixth annual Food Day on October 24. The event is coordinated by Real Food for Kids; which works with the community to educate young people about nutrition and health.

Guas told ABC7 News, "When your hands are involved, you're participating, it's not only educational but it makes it more fun to eat."

Fifth Grader Molly Schoenfeld enjoyed the food tastings.

"I tried some chili, and I have some whole wheat bread, and now I'm having a salad," she shared.

Seven-year-old Ashly Henriquez Alfaro stated, "Healthy foods will make you grow stronger and taller."

Second Grader Monte Alexander agreed.

"It makes you get stronger and also you can live longer," he said.

At Herndon, healthy food is emphasized all year. The school recently added a salad bar in the cafeteria and students are growing vegetables in an outdoor garden.

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