Edgewater teacher selected as Maryland Teacher of the Year

Josh Carroll, Maryland Teacher of the Year. (ABC7)

South River High School STEM Teacher Josh Carroll says his students fuel his passion for education.

"The kids are absolutely wonderful,” Carroll says. “A lot of times they wonder how do you have so much energy at 7:30 in the morning and the answer is I enjoy coming to work."

He's been teaching at South River for more than 10 years and his students consider him a standout.

Cameron Gore, a senior at the school tells ABC7 News, "I think that he's the best. He's my favorite teacher and there is no one else who would be deserving of this honor."

Gore is referring to Carroll's selection as Maryland Teacher of the Year by the Maryland State Department of Education on October 27.

Sam Keeny, a sophomore at South River appreciates what Carroll brings to the classroom.

"He explains everything very well so that you really get an understanding of the material," Keeny says.

When Carroll isn't in the classroom, he's outside coaching students in track and field as well as cross country.

"As a coach, he just really pushes me. He knows what I need to do to get better so he pushes me to my limit,” 15-year-old David Loomis says.

Carroll encourages students, advises them, and says most importantly, he strives to make them feel valued.

"What they really want is someone who cares about them and cares about them as people and students and if you're able to form that relationship with a student, that makes learning and teaching so much easier," Carroll says.

In addition to acquiring the Maryland Teacher of the Year title, Carroll received a MINI Cooper and $6,000. He is also now a finalist in the National Teacher of the Year contest and will find out if he's a winner next spring.

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